Flex XL

Our multifunctional black box

Considering a product show, trade fair, congress or client event? FLEX XL is exactly what you are looking for. Under a glass dome, this multiple-format space gives your event an extra touch.

The Flanders Expo Black Box

Totally black, in a classy, modern environment, allowing the right atmosphere to be created in a flash.

Truss frame

Permanent, self-operated rigging makes things even easier for organisers. Darken the space with black curtains and improve the acoustics.

Flex XL: the figures

Flex XL has the space to host any kind of event!

square metres

The ideal size for your business event!


Coronaproof capacity: 130

Flex XL accommodates up to 800 people in comfort.

dedicated contact

You get a single point of contact to take you through the project from A to Z.

Flex XL surprises 50th event organiser

Flex XL for your upcoming event?

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