The Flanders Expo buildings are located on private property owned by Easyfairs Belgium NV.

As such, Easyfairs Belgium NV has drawn up these general internal regulations for visitors. The following regulations are intended to provide all guests with a nice experience without worries.

These Internal Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) apply to the organisation of and the site Flanders Expo in the broadest sense of the word and therefore include all buildings and related infrastructure (including the car park if applicable).

Entering Flanders Expo implies that every visitor has taken cognisance of these regulations; accepts the stipulations thereof and will comply with them.

Easyfairs Belgium NV puts spaces, halls and/or outdoor areas of Flanders Expo at the disposal of each person by means of an agreement. Therefore, additional regulations may apply to this specific space, hall and/or activity. These additional regulations can never nullify the internal regulations of Flanders Expo.

1. Access

The principle of good faith applies to anyone entering the Flanders Expo site. Consequently, anyone who damages persons, goods, installations and/or buildings belonging to or entrusted to Flanders Expo will be held responsible.

Anyone who comes to the Flanders Expo site on a professional basis (and does not build or visit a fair or event) should report to the reception desk of the activity, fair or event. Further arrangements will then be made through his or her contact person.

Access can and will be denied to persons who appear and or:

  • Being under the influence of alcohol;
  • Being under the influence of drugs or related and/or stimulant products;
  • Exhibiting behaviors that are offensive; public order disruptive;
  • Exhibiting behaviors that are provocative; inciting hatred, anger, racism, …;
  • Have been prohibited from entering by Easyfairs Belgium NV and either judicial authorities;
  • Who fail to comply with the guidelines and other provisions of the regulations;
  • Possess an invalid admission ticket for the activity, fair or event;
  • Being in possession of prohibited weapons and/or other dangerous items;
  • This list is not exhaustive.

Visitors enter the event and participate in activities at the event at their own risk. Unaccompanied children must be at least 16 years old. A minimum of 1 chaperone is required per 10 children.

We recommend purchasing tickets online. Visitor badges or tickets are not transferable. Any actual or attempted illegal resale of tickets constitutes sufficient grounds for cancellation of the tickets in question, without entitling the holder to any compensation. The inability to attend the event or any mistakes made when purchasing the tickets (for example, miswriting your email address during the purchase process) are not grounds for a refund of the ticket price. If you wish to exchange your ticket for another ticket with the same or a higher price, you should contact the organizer. The latter will examine the feasibility of your proposed change.

2. General safety measures

Furthermore, it is forbidden:
  • on the Flanders Expo site to fly or overfly drones of any type without an express authorization from Flanders Expo;
  • make photo, video, and or sound recordings without express permission from Flanders Expo;
  • damage to persons, property, installations and or buildings of or entrusted to Flanders Expo;
  • enter or be present in premises not intended for the public, unless a professional activity requires it;
  • cause a nuisance on access and evacuation routes, at the level of emergency doors and fire extinguishers, on stairs and in stairwells;
  • compromise the safety of other visitors and public, disrupt order;
  • bringing loud music systems into the rooms;
  • this enumeration is not exhaustive.
  All activities involving the use of open flame, naked flame and/or heat point require obtaining a fire permit prior to the start of the activity. Objects, goods preventing and/or obstructing passages regarding the accessibility and usability of emergency doors, fire extinguishers and roadways may be moved by Flanders Expo (or on its behalf) at the expense of whom they belong. To ensure public safety, Flanders Expo reserves the right to search visitors. Flanders Expo cannot be held liable for any errors and/or omissions and reserves the right to modify the information, specifications and description of listed services. Flanders Expo undertakes to correct any errors and/or omissions as soon as possible after becoming aware of them. In the event of fire, accident, evacuation … the instructions of the site supervisor or the security services must be strictly followed without discussion. In the event of evacuation, re-entry into evacuated buildings is not permitted without the permission of the site supervisor. All accidents and injuries must be reported immediately to the first aid station for registration, examination and, if necessary, treatment. Flanders Expo cannot be held responsible for accidents and/or injuries that are not immediately reported to the first aid post. Should the visitor have suffered any damage during the visit to the site, the visitor must report this to the reception before departure. Possible compensation in case of a report at a later time is in any case excluded. Flanders Expo does not accept any liability for any damage suffered by the visitor, unless this damage is the direct result of intent or gross negligence on the part of Flanders Expo or one of its employees. Regarding visitor safety, visitors are strictly prohibited from entering technical areas and/or areas where it is indicated that the area is only accessible to staff. Nevertheless, visitors may encounter an unsafe situation or damage. We request that the visitor report this to one of our staff members as soon as possible so that we can take action. To allow for water reuse and/or temporary extra toilet facilities due to capacity needs, the water may not be suitable for drinking. We kindly ask you to respect the local safe drinking water signs where applicable. Flanders Expo cannot be held responsible in case of damage caused by visitors not respecting these signs.

3. Photography, filming & camera surveillance

Any person entering the Flanders Expo site may be filmed, and the images may be recorded and stored. Storage and recording is done within the legal framework and only with a view to maintaining order and safety on the Flanders Expo site. Request of footage by interested parties is done via .

Photographers may take pictures of exhibitors and visitors attending events. By attending an event at Flanders Expo, visitors accept that they may be photographed, filmed or recorded for broadcast or promotional purposes and that this media may be used for advertising purposes in event flyers, brochures or flyers; on website and/or social media.

Easyfairs complies with all privacy requirements imposed by applicable regulations. You can review Easyfairs’ privacy policy at

4. Parking & mobility

Parking on the Flanders Expo site must be in the spaces reserved for this purpose. No motorized or non-motorized vehicle (and/or trailer) is allowed on a parking space not reserved for that purpose. Violations may result in the towing of the vehicle and/or trailer. Any resulting costs shall be borne entirely by the violator.

Bicycles are placed in the places where the necessary facilities are made available. Flanders Expo is in no way responsible for any damage and/or theft.

It is forbidden to leave vehicles of any kind on the car park at night (with the exception of events taking place at night). If this does happen, Easyfairs Belgium SA will be obliged for safety reasons to have the vehicle in question towed away at the expense of the owner of the vehicle. Camping is not allowed on the sites and parking.

Each vehicle must be properly locked and it is forbidden to leave valuables visible. Easyfairs Belgium NV cannot be held responsible for theft, damage or accidents to or with the vehicles located on the venue parking lot.

Motorized cars for people with disabilities – mobility scooters – are allowed on the site. However, their speed must be limited to a maximum of 5 km/h (walking pace).

Charging of electric vehicles (hybrid or full electric) can be done at a designated free space (Parking A4 and Hall 3). You can make use of such a place provided that you are connected and until the charging session is finished. After the charging session, the vehicle must be moved to a normal parking lot within 30 minutes. Easyfairs Belgium SA may charge an additional fee if this is not done.

5. Promotional activities

Outside the halls and parking lots of Flanders Expo it is forbidden to develop any commercial activity, hand out flyers or other promotional material, hang up posters, hold meetings/speeches, collect membership fees, do fundraisers or beg items for free, exchange items…. without the express permission of Flanders Expo as well as the organizer of the moment.

If it does, a cost of €3,000.00 per day excluding cleaning costs will be imposed.

To the extent permitted by law, Flanders Expo provides its website and its content “as is” and makes no express and/or implied warranties whatsoever in connection with this website and/or the information contained therein, including, but not limited to, commercial warranties and fitness for particular purpose.

Furthermore, Flanders Expo does not represent or warrant that the information accessible through the web page is accurate, complete or up-to-date. The web page may contain links to web pages of companies and entities of third parties. Flanders Expo cannot be held responsible for the way these companies handle privacy protection of personal data. Therefore, we advise you to read the privacy statements included on web pages that are not owned by Easyfairs and/or Flanders Expo for more information about the use, processing and protection of personal data, as the conditions on those pages may differ from those of Flanders Expo.

Flanders Expo accepts no liability for consequential damages and/or loss of profit, loss or damage to property and/or damages resulting from claims filed by third parties in connection with the Flanders Expo web pages and/or with any other services provided to said third parties.

The tickets may not be used for advertising, commercial or promotional purposes, nor for games, contests or gambling activities without the express and reliable permission of Flanders Expo.

6. Food & beverage

The range of the various food and beverage outlets, as well as the selling prices, are clearly indicated in each food and/or beverage outlet. No discussion and/or recourse is possible over the prices.

7. Waste, electricity, welfare & hygiene

Each visitor to the Flanders Expo site undertakes to behave in an environmentally friendly manner during their visit to the site: all waste must be sorted in the waste islands provided by Easyfairs Belgium NV. Please respect the fences, plants, flowers and lawns.

Flanders Expo’s power sockets are intended exclusively for the use of the facilities and services offered during events. It is strictly forbidden for visitors to plug personal electronic devices into power sockets. Personal electronic devices include phones, laptops, tablets, powerbanks, chargers and other devices not directly related to the organisation or performance of an event. If a person is caught plugging a personal electronic device into a Flanders Expo power socket, the authorised staff reserves the right to confiscate the device in question. The confiscated device will be kept at the reception desk or security, where it can be retrieved after the end of the event. It is the responsibility of the owner of the confiscated device to identify and reclaim the device. Flanders Expo will additionally charge at the user’s expense a fixed compensation in the amount of €350,00 to compensate for the administrative and consumption costs involved. Flanders Expo does not accept any liability for loss, damage or theft of personal electronic devices seized due to unauthorised use of power connections. The owner of the confiscated device is fully responsible for any damage or loss during the period of confiscation.

In the interest of all visitors and for safety reasons, smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited in the halls, buildings, classrooms, restaurants, restrooms and queues. Outside smoking is permitted in designated areas.

A number of clearly marked toilets are located in the buildings. It is forbidden to perform sanitary needs in places not provided for that purpose. Childcare is mandatory in the places provided for that purpose.

Throwing objects into the toilets is prohibited. Menstrual products, diapers, diaper wipes and the like must be disposed of in sanitary trash cans.

8. Animals

Animals are not allowed in the halls and on the site of Flanders Expo. Each organizer can decide autonomously for his event and/or fair whether to follow this aspect of the internal regulations; however, always in compliance with the applicable legislation. Further information can be obtained from the organizer concerned. Assistance dogs and guide dogs for the blind are allowed.

9. Lost materials

Each visitor is responsible for their belongings. Lost property must always be deposited at the reception of the activity, fair or event. Easyfairs Belgium SA cannot be held responsible for theft, damage or accidents to or with the lost and found.

Reports of lost and found can be sent by mail to

Recovered items can be picked up after contact by appointment or returned to the owner, upon payment of shipping, packaging and handling fees. Lost items are kept for a maximum of 2 months.

10. Applicable law/competent court

These terms and conditions are governed by Belgian law. All disputes shall be submitted for exclusive adjudication to the competent court of the District Court of Ghent.

11. Safety regulation

Click on the button below to consult our safety regulations. This list is limited but not exhaustive

12. Exceptions

For situations not foreseen in these regulations, only Easyfairs Belgium NV will decide on the measures to be taken. These rules of internal order do not affect the general conditions of the organizers. This version dated 07/05/2024 supersedes all previous ones. Contact by email: .

13. Good to know

The staff are always open to questions or suggestions. Should one encounter situations that are perceived as odd or inconvenient, the staff are always willing to explain or resolve them.
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