Parking on The Loop

No fewer than 4,500 spaces in eight separate car parks.

But where is the best place for your car? See upcoming events to find out what’s on and ask the organisers for parking details.

Car Parks B & C

The B & C manned car parks, run by Ghent city council for the Agency for Roads and Traffic, are within walking distance of the entrance.

Head for Louis Blériotlaan, 9051 Ghent.

Parking A1, A3, A4

The A1, A3 and A4 car parks belong to Flanders Expo. They are usually used for exhibitor parking and are easy to access from exit 5 off The Loop.

Electric car charging

If you are driving an electric vehicle, great! The EV charging points next to Hall 3 & Parking A4!

Exit The Loop from junction 5 and head for car park PA3 & PA4.

Any questions?

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