Plan werken Expo Park.

Construction of the Expo Park begins

Continuing our commitment to sustainability in 2024, we begin developing the Expo Park on our site. This project involves the redevelopment of the area around and between the halls, transforming it into a logistic and multifunctional zone that aligns with our broader objective as a sustainable multi-format event venue. To this end, Easyfairs – the owner of Flanders Expo – is investing 4.8 million euros.


Enhanced Mobility
The road reconstruction around and between the halls will streamline logistical transport, including the setup and dismantling of events, ensuring smoother operations. Currently, the terrain consists of a patchwork of various surfaces, which sometimes hampers logistic activities on site.

Also, the continued rollout of digital signage at and around Flanders Expo is planned, making it even easier to navigate your way to the venue.


Sustainable Development
We have long been committed to being a sustainable event venue. In creating the Expo Park, for example, we focus on water management and recovery, and the use of energy and materials. The plan includes a green periphery with trees, hedges, and wadis for rainwater infiltration.

Additionally, reorganizing our private waste sorting center, which separates 28 types of waste, is part of this sustainable initiative. This will enable us to better collect, sort, and recycle waste from all events at Flanders Expo.


Multi-Format Event Venue
Moreover, the development of the Expo Park is integral to the long-term sustainable functioning of Flanders Expo. It allows different events to occur simultaneously without affecting mobility. Specifically, the Expo Park will serve as an exhibitor’s car park, a space for grand outdoor events, or an area for managing visitor flows. This way, whether you are a visitor, exhibitor, or organizer, you are guaranteed an unparalleled experience!

The construction will start on Monday, April 8, 2024, and conclude on Thursday, September 26, 2024. Archaeological excavations will also be conducted during the construction period. No disruptions are anticipated in and around The Loop.

Head of Venus & Head of Flanders Expo voor Hal 7 van Flanders Expo.
The construction of the Expo Park begins.
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