Meisje met VR-bril op event

Flanders Expo is ready to rock the future with 5G & Wifi 6

With the support of Tourism Flanders, and in collaboration with Proximus and Citymesh, Flanders Expo is implementing a private 5G network and Wifi 6 in its halls. This combination ensures super-fast internet, an optimal user experience, and improved reliability. What this means for organizers and exhibitors in practical terms? Increased operational efficiency and loads of high-tech possibilities. And for visitors? The very best experience!

Smooth sailing in operations

With enhanced connectivity, increased security, and greater reliability, Proximus’s 5G network provides organizers with the tools to manage events (conferences, trade shows, etc.) more efficiently and communicate innovatively with their audience.

Furthermore, it enables numerous new high-tech applications, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), interactive apps, and other technological innovations. Why not offer visitors a VR product demonstration or add an educational AR game as an extra dimension to the event? No problem!

Reliable wifi

In collaboration with Citymesh, we ensure an improved permanent internet provision with Wifi 6. Visitors can quickly and easily connect, share photos and files with their companions seamlessly—without loss of speed or performance and with a super-fast response time when loading websites and apps!

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