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Now, more than ever, it looks like virtual reality is the way to go. And it’s likely to stay that way a while longer. So we have set up a virtual presentation of our event location, from inside and out.

Stay at home! Advice that we are only too happy to follow. But there’s no harm in being creative about it. Planning an event from home isn’t easy, to be honest. Because you need to see where the event will take place, imagine how it will look and consider all the options.

Well, our brand new Virtual Tour allows you to wander safely around our site and get a quick and simple idea of what the spaces look like. It allows organisers to weigh up which spaces are most suitable for their next event.

Yet another benefit is that you don’t have to worry about the opening times. You can visit us at any time of the day.

What about a personal e-tour?

Enter your details below and we will take you on a brief walk.

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